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Solar heat on Greenland

Collegium on Greenland

Solar heat on Greenland


Sport center with both solar heat and solar power

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Solar power combined with fuel cells

Tingvallahallarna - Solar heat and solar power

The collegium in Sisimiut: Solar insolation day and night

Apisseq is the name of the first technology university on Greenland. The engineering collegium that was inaugurated in 18 August is located in the village Sisimiut near the Arctic Technology Centre and is mostly habited by technology students from the centre.




The new collegium can provide housing for 38 people and will be full from the beginning. Many students study for the popular bachelor's degree in arctic technology. A big part of the collegium's energy needs is covered by the solar collectors that is installed on the buildings roof.

The evacuated tube collectors, a total of 160 m², is mounted almost vertically, like a crest, on the roof of the building. The same technique was successfully used in the installation at Knud Rasmussens Højskole in the same village (read more about the project here). The placement of the solar collectors allows them to collect the solar insolation from all directions. This technique is especially effective at Greenland, where the sun is up almost day and night during half of the year.

The solar heat system was planned and delivered by ExoTech in cooperation with local contractors. Thanks to a well designed solar collector system with a tactical installation, thick isolation and online accessible measurement of the living space's energy consumption contributes into making the school more sustainable for the environment and the future.



Collegium, Sisimiut, Solar heat, Solar panels

Collegium, Sisimiut, Solar heat, Solar panels

Collegium, Sisimiut, Solar heat, Solar panels

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