The sun works!

We'll see to it. Heat or power.

Choose solar energy!

Plug in and relax

Solar energy is reliable and simple. Let ExoTech install solar energy and you can put your feet up and relax, with a good conscience.

Environmentally friendly

Solar energy is free from emissions and is great for the environment.

Solar energy

Solar energy can be used for both heat and power

Solar energy is the cleanest, simplest and largest energy source there is. Toady’s technology makes it possible for us harvest the sun’s energy in many different ways. Which makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the sun as an energy source, both the public - and private sector.  When solar heat is produced, the heat from the sun is collected and led down into a tank. Solar power is produced by transforming the sunlight to electricity with the help of solar cells.

Experts in solar energy

ExoTech provides complete solutions for solar energy systems with the highest standards to both the public and private sector. ExoTech contributes with vast knowledge of solar energy. As well as contracting, we also carry out evaluations and feasibility studies for public procurements.

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